Proposed Research Areas in Bioinformatics

  • ⮚ Genome annotation and Genome-wide identification of transcription factors/genes/alleles for biotic and abiotic stress tolerance using available genome sequences.
  • ⮚ Bioinformatics based drug designing and development of inhibitors to combat COVID 19 pandemic.
  • ⮚ Design effective drugs against, Dengue virus, Zika virus, Triple Negative Breast Cancer, G4-quadruplex inhibitors of mycobacterium tuberculosis, ion channels for neurodegenerative diseases, DNA intercalator/ groove binders, DNA junctions, and liquid crystals.
  • ⮚ Interaction study of biologically active molecules with nanoclusters, leading to nano drug delivery systems.
  • ⮚ Use Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE) based approaches with the law of mass action to formulate the intracellular pathways and to elucidate the complex behavior of biological system.
  • ⮚ To develop mathematical model for disease trend prediction in Eastern Uttar Pradesh.