The term “omics” refers to the field of study in biology ending in –omics. Omics term is used with suffix-ome to address the study of respective field in totality like genomics for genome, proteomics for proteome, metabolomics for metabolome and many more. Genomics is a branch of science associated with a comprehensive study of genome of an organism. The innovations in sequencing technologies in the recent years have led to the sequencing of several genomes giving substantial importance to the genomics for better understanding of life processes. The sate-of- the art genomic technologies have direct intervention in agriculture, health and environment and substantial efforts are being made to use these technologies for crop improvement, better human health and sustainable environment. With the advent of technological advancement in sequencing technologies in the recent years several microbial, plants, animals and human genomes have been sequenced. The exponential increase in the sequencing data led to the emergence of appropriate databases for storage, retrieval and analysis by scientists from different disciplines throughout the world. In the era of science of “omics” the relevance of the bioinformatics is being realized and several tools, softwares and databases are being developed for supporting biological research in general.

Adhering to promoting multidisciplinary approach in National Education Policy 2020, D.D.U Gorakhpur University initiated this centre emphasizing on three core academic functions i) research and innovation; ii) learning, teaching and outreach programs and iii) research collaboration and internationalization. The relevance of emerging state-of-the art technologies of genomics and bioinformatics for addressing problems related with food, agriculture, health, industry and environment is established globally. A proposal for the establishment of Centre for genomics and bioinformatics was initiated from Department of Biotechnology and was later on passed by all academic bodies of the University i.e. Faculty of Sciences (dated 21/11/2020), Academic Council (dated 26/11/2020) and Executive Council( dated 27/11/2020). A 16 member multidisciplinary faculty /scientists from Department of Biotechnology, Botany, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry of D.D.U Gorakhpur University and ICMR-RMRC, BRD Medical College and AIIMS Gorakhpur have been constituted to facilitate teaching, training and research activities.

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